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The mission of BDIS is to inspire, empower and support underrepresented groups students in the pursuit of STEM careers through platforms that include knowledge sharing, self-discovery and creating life-balance.

Students with a passion for science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics (STEM) will make up the next generation of professionals in these respective fields. It is these fields that are responsible for the economic and technological prosperity of our global society. Overall STEM occupations are projected to grow faster than those available through other employment paths. Advantages to a career in the STEM disciplines are widely acknowledged, and in general, these careers are well-paid with opportunities for advancement.

BDIS has witnessed an ongoing lack of information and exposure to role models for underserved and underrepresented students at the very early decision-making stages when considering STEM disciplines. Statistics from the National Science Foundation show that although 70,000 minority students and a proportional number of women enter the STEM disciplines as college freshman, almost 50% have changed direction by their junior year. Among those remaining, only 103 will achieve a doctoral degree.

In the United States as the workforce becomes more diverse, organizations that embrace diversity have a more solid footing in the marketplace than others. However at the leadership and upper management levels of the workforce, in the arenas of research, development and innovative technology the lack of representation by qualified minority workers and qualified women is evident. Newly-trained STEM employees from diverse cultural backgrounds bring fresh perspectives and untapped experiences.

In an increasingly competitive economy, where talent is crucial to improving the bottom line, demand for top-level candidates is high. Providing a more robust pipeline of diverse candidates to growing businesses and established companies results in a more qualified workforce, encourages more innovative approaches to problem solving, and promotes productivity. BDIS is committed to increasing these career opportunities for those we serve.

What we do

Through an array of programs and services, BDIS inspires and supports underrepresented groups throughout their academic training and careers. BDIS exposes young people to STEM disciplines and encourages underrepresented groups to pursue STEM fields using the encouragement of role models and support networks, while equipping them with the personal skills needed for success. For college students, where underrepresented students often feel isolated and discouraged in their field, BDIS serves a vital role in providing peer-support, camaraderie, and opportunities for growth. For those working in STEM-related careers, BDIS is a resource for identifying talent and an oasis for idea-sharing amongst a uniquely-compiled network of peers.

Our History

In August of 2001, Frederick Moore, PhD and Michael Penn, Jr., MD, PhD came together to form Brothers Building Diversity in the Sciences, Inc. (BBDS). Through their experiences in science and education, Fredrick and Michael realized there was an urgent need to provide minority students who were pursuing science degrees with support that would go beyond traditional programs. The original mission of BBDS was to increase the number of minority students obtaining PhD and MD/PhD degrees in the biomedical sciences.

Over the years the organization evolved, and in 2006 BBDS changed its name to Building Diversity in Science (BDIS).*

In 2007, BDIS produced the first Scientific Empowerment Movement Conference. In 2008, the Infinite Possibilities Conference moved under the umbrella of Building Diversity in Science, increasing the ability of our organization to pursue our mission. Programs that have been produced by BDIS include the annual BDIS Mentoring Program, the Infinite Possibilities Conference, the Scientific Empowerment Movement Conference, and BDIS Scholars.

Since 2006, BDIS has counted on the efforts of hundreds of volunteers to produce results. From Board members and their Advisors who make critical organizational decisions to the friendly faces that provide registration services and support to conference attendees, all are devoted to the initial passion of our founders.

*Building Diversity In Science is a federal tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization.
Our Tax identification number is 94-3360529.


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