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Be part of BDIS!

Please consider joining us. Your time and personal donation will make a significant difference.

Our programs are designed to support and nurture the careers of STEM students. When you make a personally significant gift to BDIS, you assist us to elevate the next generation of scientists that add value to their communities. Just like Joe Callahan.

joe-callahanIn 2005, Joe Callahan was an undergrad participant in the BDIS Scholars and Mentorship Program (BSMP). He stayed connected and become the leader of BSMP in 2008. He led the program for two years. In 2013, Joe received his PhD in Cell Biology and now heads his lab at Genentech.


Here’s an idea of how your contribution helps.

  • $1,000

Provides attendance to a BDIS Conference for a student that might not meet other assistance criteria.

  • $500

Provides a scholarship to a deserving first year or second year college student

  • $100

Provides a book allowance to a student

  • $ 50

Provides program materials to participants


Volunteers increase success for BDIS. Volunteers become great advocates for our work and programs. These remarkable individuals share their experiences with others to create a wider network of support for BDIS. Volunteers also help BDIS accomplish its mission by fulfilling tasks and activities, including valuable input to our Board of Directors.

Volunteers may make a long-term commitment to BDIS or offer project- or event-specific support.

Will you volunteer? We would appreciate your help.

Board Advisors

Board advisors are requested to support the vision of BDIS, to assist the Board of Directors, and to act as change agents with the populations and communities we serve. Advisors should expect to act as advocates for BDIS, attend events, assist with fundraising and recommend candidates for Board growth.

The time commitment for a Board Advisor is similar to our expectation for Board members. We have approximately six meetings per year in addition to our events and conferences. Often advisors are requested to become Board members. Current needs include individuals with financial planning, human resources, and legal expertise.

Program Advisors

Program advisors are requested to provide support and services to specific aspects of BDIS. Time commitment is by mutual agreement, and is determined by program need and volunteer availability.

Our current needs include website development and database support for “The Power of Us” database.

Event Volunteers and Committee Members

Event committee members share responsibility for the management and production of a signature event. Each member will be assigned to a sub-committee. These may include advance registration and ticket sales, logistics, fundraising, and program development. Individuals should expect to commit an increasing amount of time to the project from inception to completion.

Event Volunteers may also serve on event committees or subcommittees. Event Volunteers are vital to provide staffing on the day(s) of the event in areas including but not limited to registration, program logistics, guest and VIP services. Our Event Volunteer opportunities will also be listed with The Volunteer Center as service needs are outlined.

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