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BDIS provides an opportunity to businesses whose future is intertwined with a knowledge-based economy increasingly dependent upon employees trained in STEM disciplines.

Through sponsorships, internships, speakers, and hosting opportunities, your company can make a direct impact on reversing the alarming scarcity of STEM talent that threatens the bedrock of the U.S. economy.

BDIS has a proven model for increasing diversity in STEM fields in the U.S., inspiring more than 5,000 people to begin or complete their STEM pursuits. Our peer support provides encouragement. Our role models provide motivation. Our refined rubrics for study habits and wellness techniques provide the structure for individual success.

Via various programs, BDIS supports underrepresented groups at various points throughout their academic and professional careers. These individuals bring diverse approaches to STEM, enhancing innovation, and solving problems with positive outcomes for society. Visit the Sponsors page and add your name to the list of prominent companies making a difference.

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